The Benefits of Growing Cannabis Clones in Your Garden

The Benefits of Growing Cannabis Clones in Your Garden

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Avoiding Common Mistakes When Growing From Cannabis Clones

Cannabis clones are cuttings from an adult cannabis plant that's then grown into a unique individual plant. Clones are a straightforward and efficient solution to grow new cannabis plants, because they have a head begin in development. However, there are several what to keep in mind when growing clones so they take root and grow into healthy plants. Keep reading to understand everything required to learn about how exactly to develop Cannabis Clones!

Cannabis Cloning Basics

To make a clone, growers take a cutting (or branch) from a mature mother plant and then place it in an increasing medium such as for example rock wool or soil. The cutting will form its own roots and develop into a separate, individual plant. When the clone has been extracted from the mother plant, it is essential to offer it with the care such that it can thrive.

Ideal Conditions for Cannabis Clones

Clone growth occurs best under specific environmental conditions. For example, the cutting must be extracted from the mother plant if it is in the vegetative stage of growth. Additionally, the Cutting must certanly be extracted from a young branch that's not yet flowered. Once taken off the mother plant, the clone must certanly be put into a location with high humidity (between 60-70%), moderate temperatures (between 68-77°F), and low light levels. After in regards to a week, you canbegin to boost the amount of light slowly.

%0A%0AIt is also important to see that clones do not want the maximum amount of water or nutrients as mature plants because they are not growing flowers or buds. Over-watering and over-fertilizing can in fact harm clones and prevent them from taking root properly.%0A%0A4 Steps for Growing Cannabis Clones%0A%0AHere are four steps you will need to follow along with for successfully growing cannabis clones:%0A%0A1. Sanitize your tools and work space before taking any cuttings from the mother plant. This will help avoid the spread of bacteria or fungi that can harm your clones.

2. Cut 4-6 inches off of a division that is about 2 weeks old using sharp, sterile scissors or shears. Ensure that you cut at an angle in order that more area is exposed for rooting hormone application later on.

3. Dip the cutting into rooting hormone gel or powder (this step is optional but will help encourage faster root growth).

4. Place the cutting in your chosen grow medium (soil, coco coir, hydro ton clay pellets, rock wool cubes, etc.) and ensure that at the very least 50% of the stem is buried. Now it's time to concentrate on looking after your brand-new plants in order that they continue steadily to thrive. Once we mentioned earlier, clone plants do not want the maximum amount of water or fertilizer as mature plants since they are not yet flowering or producing buds. However, they still need proper nutrition to develop strong roots and stay healthy overall.


Develop this short article was helpful in teaching you everything required to learn about how exactly to cultivate cannabis clones! Just remember - cleanliness is key, cuttings must certanly be obtained from young branches in vegetative growth stages, maintain high humidity and moderate temps during growth days, don't overdo it on water/fertilizer once roots are suffering from,...and above all - enjoy your plants!

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